Kawasaki Z1/KZ900/1000/1100/ FUEL LINE-GAS HOSE-30INCH


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Ever notice when refurbishing your legendary Z1/KZ900-1000-1100 bike that correct fitting and looking fuel line is about impossible to locate?  problem solved right here with my fresh in-stock METRIC black Mylar fuel line, correct for all Kawasaki BIG BORE Z1/KZ900/KZ1000/KZ1100. NOTE:  you MUST tell me when making purchase the MODEL OF YOUR BIKE so i send you the correct line as S & H series triples take different sized line than the Z series bikes.  this is 1/4 inch ID and 11mm OD which is exact in appearance and fit for these bikes.  It fits the petcock and carb fittings precisely, will NOT leak and stays soft and pliable for many, many years.  Stop messing around with that crappy local hardware store or auto parts junk that never fits or looks right, and do it right the first time.  YOU ARE BUYING 30 INCHES/2.5 FEET OF LINE HERE, enough to do your Z1/KZ900-1000 or Z bike.  If you need more let me know and i’ll give you a volume discount on additional length line.  I also stock OEM style STAINLESS STEEL 11MM SPRING CLAMPS FOR THIS LINE AS WELL.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 5 in



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