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A constant source of aggravation when working on the factory oiling system of any H1/H2 is the banjo bolts stripping out the threads in your priceless oil pump assembly OR, on 74-75 H2’s, stripping out the threads in your float bowl assemblies when installing the oil pump lines.  Here’s why it happens: there’s not many threads in these critical areas to begin with and when you try to sufficiently tighten up the banjo bolts on the oil pump outlet and inlet lines to create sufficient pressure against the piece of crap aluminum crush washers, BOOM, there goes the threads.  it’s a real problem and a very difficult fix and no matter how tight the banjo bolts seem to be, 2-stroke injector oil still seems to ooze from these fittings. I guarantee that will never happen again and you will have a perfectly tight, leak-free seal if you use these brand new Stat-O-Seals in place of the aluminum crushwashers. These are correct 6mm/1-4 inch size to fit the factory banjo bolts on both the oil pump assembly and float bowl fittings if applicable.  SOLD IN SMALL PACKAGE OF EIGHT—(8), enough for  all H1/H2 applications as the oil pump takes 6 for the outlet banjo bolts and 2 for the inlet pipe banjo bolt(pipe from oiling tank to pump itself).  Once you buy these and use them, you’ll be amazed how well they fit and never have to be re-torqued or touched again for the life of the bike.

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