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Here’s a beautiful restoration item that was OEM equipment on the later model H1’s, all H2’s, many Z1 bikes and some KZ models as well, a brand new in the box steering damper from NHK. Kawasaki part # 46117-006 this is NOT an aftermarket reproduction item but the real deal from the original manufacturer as supplied to mother Kawasaki.  Let me repeat that, this is NOT A REPRODUCTION, this IS THE ORIGINAL DAMPER, brand new in factory box.  this is the factory damper that bolts onto right side frame lug and factory threaded hole on the bottom triple clamp, EXACTLY as original.  if your damper is bent, corroded, rusty paint, bad chrome, missing adjuster knob etc. replace it with a factory fresh one.  again, this is as pictured, supplied to us by NHK(the original manufacturer) and is brand new and complete.  stop messing around trying to paint or rechrome your leaky, corroded one and replace it with a new correct damper.

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